Who is Sae?


In case you open this page, that means you’re somewhat interested to know who is the person behind saesays.com. I feel like this page is dedicated for me, so you can expect pretty lengthy story about me. If you really wanted to know about me, keep on reading. I’ll try and make it as interesting as possible.

I am sae.

I am wife. I am a makeup junkie just like any other women. I love animals therefore I am a mother to a very fierce cat. I admire dogs so much, very intelligent species. I wish I could have a horse as a pet, horses are intelligent too. I love TV series. I love black and pink. I work in a government sector but just like most people I hate my job. I am addicted to online shopping. I enjoy travelling.

I am a very introvert person; I really like to keep to myself except for close friends and family. I find it really hard to be in a social environment, to start a conversation is like a stab to the heart. But when I’m all warmed up and comfortable, I can be pretty chatty and likeable.

I think I’ve been blogging since 2009 but I stopped for a few years because I used to blog about current news and sometimes politics. That’s really not my cup of tea hence I find it so hard to write. Now that I know what I want to write, I find it much easier.

To be continued. Ran out of ideas…..


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