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Since I started my own youtube channel, I feel like my old vanity doesn’t really cut out for the job anymore. I had a classic old vanity with the drawer and pretty large mirror on top of it. It was nice and big but I can’t really shoot my youtube video when I’m using it because the mirror will be in the way of the camera hence blocking the sunlight. So, I told my husband that I needed a new vanity and we started looking for the one. It wasn’t an easy task because we don’t have that much space in our apartment and size really does matter in this situation.

I can visualize how I wanted my vanity to be like but finding it in here in Malaysia with good price point is not easy. We discussed and agreed that we wanted to hire people to build one for me. That’s not cheap either right? He found few talented people that can do the job but I was still hesitant at that time because I wasn’t sure it was the right decision.

Last resort is, Ikea. One fine Sunday evening, we went to Ikea with not much hope but to our surprise while strolling the isle, I found one really cute and small vanity that really suits my needs. Still hesitant but my husband, he’s a really powerful persuader. He really knows how to convince me and you know how it ends. We bought it! Yea….

This is Brimnes Dressing Table by Ikea. It’s RM299

Isn’t it cute? I like that it has a built in mirror and it has a decent storage. Exactly what I’m looking for. It took about one hour and a half for my husband to build the Brimnes Dressing Table and no parts are missing.

Since the vanity has a pretty limited storage, I also bought the Micke drawer unit that has the same color with the vanity.

Micke Drawer Unit. It’s RM199

The vanity is not complete without a chair, so I picked the Torbjorn Swivel Chair because I can adjust the height and it’s pretty cute too.

Torbjorn Swivel Chair in black. It’s RM169.

So, you want to how it looks like in my bedroom? Here it is.

IMG_1385 new

Haha. I know it’s not the nicest looking vanity that you have seen but I’m pretty satisfied with how it turns out. I do not spent thousands of dollars but I still get what I want. I never would’ve thought that I would buy any furniture from Ikea because you know what people say about the quality but I did it because it’s within my budget, it’s a quick solution and it’s pretty damn nice. So, if you are here because you’re looking for ideas for your vanity, this is definitely for you if you live in a small apartment like me and you don’t want to spent too much money on it.

Total damage: RM667


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