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    Ikea Brimnes Dressing Table – Video

    Hello – Hello, A few months ago, I wrote a post about my vanity, which is the Brimnes dressing table by Ikea in details in this blog. Few days after that, I posted the video of my husband building the table on my youtube channel. Something quite unexpected happened; that video has become the most watched video on my channel and it’s still counting. Should I be sad or what? My makeup video has never reached 100 views.

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    My Vanity

    Hi Chickadee Since I started my own youtube channel, I feel like my old vanity doesn’t really cut out for the job anymore. I had a classic old vanity with the drawer and pretty large mirror on top of it. It was nice and big but I can’t really shoot my youtube video when I’m using it because the mirror will be in the way of the camera hence blocking the sunlight. So, I told my husband that I needed a new vanity and we started looking for the one. It wasn’t an easy task because we don’t have that much space in our apartment and size really does matter in this…