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Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Review


The writing has smudged a bit, sorry about that.

Finding an eyebrow products that can really impress me are quite hard. Some does not have good color payoff, some are too red and I bet you know all the things that could go wrong with eyebrow products. Last month, after contemplating for quite sometime, I finally bought another eyebrow products. It is the Etude House Drawing eyebrow in the color dark grey (#04). I don’t have high hopes for it even though I’ve heard good things about it.



It’s a no brainer. It’s an eyebrow pencil. Of course it looks like a pencil. On one end is the product itself and on the other end is a spoolie. I find the spoolie to be really convenient.


Etude House came out with 6 different shades for this particular eyebrow pencil. The shade that I selected seems to be the perfect match for me. Thank god..

Let’s talk about the color and pigmentation. The color I selected was dark grey and I’m pretty satisfied with the color. There’s almost no red undertone in it: a problem that you’ll have to deal with most drugstore eyebrows products.

I can’t say that the pigmentation is tremendous but I’ll say that it’s enough for me to sculpt and fill in my brows. I’m not a brow wizard but I think that this Etude House Drawing eyebrow has helped me a lot on creating a really natural brow. The texture is quite soft thus it is so easy to apply it and I just have to use light hand to apply the product on my brow hairs. No tugging happened.



The tip of the product is a bit different than usual eyebrow pencil. It’s angled and the tip is quite thick. I don’t really like the fact that it’s a bit thick but I think it just needs time to get used to. Creating small strokes aren’t that easy but it still gets the job done. It’s also retractable, meaning you don’t have to sharpen it.

I can’t stay much about the longevity of wearing of this eyebrow pencil because I usually set my brow with the L’oreal Brow Plumper. But based from my readings, a lot of people said that it has quite good staying power.

Yours truly. Haha.. I did used miniature effect on this photo to blur out some part of my face. Told you, I’m not a brow wizard.

Pros (+)

+ Hella cheap (RM19)

+ Good color range

+ Pigmentation is admirable

+ Creates natural looking brow

+ Quite moisturizing (Contains vitamin E)

+ Comes with a decent spoolie

Cons (-)

– The tip can be quite tricky to work with

Would I recommend Etude House Drawing eyebrow?

Yes. I would recommend it to anybody who likes natural looking brow. It’s good product to beginner as well.

Price: RM19.90 ( Hermo, Etude House Outlet )


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