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Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

Hi girl,

Woman like me needs to exfoliate regularly because I wear full-face makeup pretty much everyday. As far as I know, there are two kinds of exfoliators. There are chemical exfoliator and physical exfoliator. Physical exfoliants usually includes beads in them while chemical exfoliants use acid like salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells. I never like physical exfoliants because they can be a bit harsh on my skin and they never work on me. That’s when I decided to try chemical exfoliants and the first product that I tried was Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. Oh man, I wish I never tried it because it purged my skin like crazy and I have few scars to prove that. Devastated by the outcomes, I went back online and searched for a gentler chemical exfoliants and I found Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I started using it September 2015 and it has helped my skin a lot.


My skin problems: White heads on my forehead and cheeks, dull skin and rough skin.

My skin type: Combination ,acne prone and sensitive.

What is it?

It’s basically a chemical exfoliants that uses glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells by breaking down the ‘glue’ between dead skin cells, allowing fresh skins to emerge.


How I use it?

I use it every other night on a clean face. After applying it all over my face, I usually do not follow with moisturizer because the product will work better if you do not apply moisturizer afterwards. But for people with dry skin, it’s okay for you to apply moisturizer afterwards.


  1. This product also can be used as spot treatment. Just use a cotton bud and apply it to the problematic areas.



About a year ago, I started wearing full-face makeup and trying a lot of new products because I started my own YouTube channel. That took a toll on my skin and I no longer have clear beautiful skin. The most problematic areas of my skin are my forehead and my cheeks. They are rough, bumpy, full of white heads and my pores are visibly enlarged. After researching, I know that I need to exfoliate but I also know that exfoliating can be harsh to the skin.

I found out about Alpha-H Liquid Gold from Carolline Hirrons. I was totally hooked when she said that we could use it every other day. In my opinion, I think it is much gentler to skin if we can use it every other day because other chemical exfoliants can only be used once or twice a week.

The first time I used it on my skin, I can feel the tingling and a slight burning sensation. Don’t worry; it will go away after few minutes. Some people say they see dramatic changes after overnight but in my case my skin took about 2 weeks to show any visible changes. White heads on my forehead were almost invisible and I almost never break out anymore. The texture of my skin also has improved a lot and looks suppler. I’m not going to say it take away all my white heads because it does not. I can still see those tiny annoying heads and it never went away even after months. I think this product did nothing to help my enlarged pores. They are still there and bugging me everyday.

Even though Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a really good exfoliants, there are few things that I need to remind you before you jump on the bandwagon. All chemical exfoliants will make your skin sensitive to the sunlight including Liquid Gold. After using it for few months, I noticed that I have become so much tanner and I got sun burned so easily. It feels like as if the sunblock that I’m wearing did nothing to protect my skin. That’s when I decided to only use Liquid Gold 2 times a week. You can use it every other night if you live in a much colder country or if your sunblock is really good. If not, I’m afraid the excessive use of this product will burned your skin and your skin will develop premature wrinkles.

How my skin looks with makeup now. I know I’m a long way from ideal skin.

Overall, I think Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a really good product if you know how to use it according to your skin needs. I know that I said that it burned my skin but I still use it everyday to spot treat my skin. I only apply it all over my face once or twice a week after I realized that I don’t need to use it that often anymore. This is a really good product to unclogged pores and to sweep away all the dirt. It will help tremendously with break out but I don’t feel like it helps to tighten my skin or improve the looks of my pores.

Price: RM151 for 100ml

Available at: Luxola

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