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Flawless Makeup Tips

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Nobody was born too perfect and even top supermodels also have their flaws. Due to that reason, good makeup technique is needed to enhance their beauty and make them look flawless. One of the favorites makeup techniques picked by most women is natural make up technique or minimal touch. I know I appreciate minimal touch makeup because in my line of work, showing up at work looking all cake up can be considered as inappropriate. I want my makeup to look natural but at the same time flawless as baby’s butt. Now, I think I have dedicated a good amount of time of my adult life reading and researching about makeup and I think I have few tricks up my sleeve. Here are some of easy makeup tips to get a flawless look with minimal touch of make up;


First of all, use concealer to hide your dark circles around your eyes. This is the most crucial part and most of us are not paying much attention to this. It is a must to hide your dark circle to avoid from tired looking face hence this step can make you look awake and fresh. For a seamless finish, I like to use damp beauty sponge to blend out the concealer. You will be amazed by how it looks afterwards.


The next step is optional but if you follow this step, I promise you it will make such a big difference to how you look. It is filling in your eyebrow. Correctly filled brows can frame your face and it can enhance certain features of your face. It could take years to master this step but if you’re a beginner, the only advice that I can give is to not overdo it. Use an eyebrow pencil because in my opinion, it is more forgiving. As for the shape of your brows, find beauty gurus on YouTube that have the same face shape as yours and use their pictures as a guide.
primer on skin before and after

Face primer is a good way to make your makeup last longer and it can also help to hide or correct imperfections that you have on your face. I have oily skin and the texture of my face is a little bit rough. So, I use a primer that has the abilities to control oil and a primer that can blur out the imperfections.

When your face is all primed, apply foundation (water based) on your face and it is recommended for you to use a proper brush to get a perfect tone. Foundation is a tricky business; you would want to choose foundation that suits your skin needs. I use a mattifying foundation because I have oily skin. Remember, if you want to look all natural, use a foundation that’s lightweight. The next step is, apply loose powder or compact powder to set the foundation. If you have extremely dry skin, you can definitely skip this step.


The third step is applying blusher on your cheeks. I use a blush that has no shimmer in it because when I use blushes with shimmer, it will accentuate indentations I have on my skin. Just avoid using very bright color of blusher unless that’s what you’re going for.


Moving to the next step is your eyes. This is my favorite part because I can get really creative here even though I don’t consider myself that creative. It is important to choose the right colour of eye shadow to avoid from ruining your entire look. The best option is by choosing soft tones such as pastel colors and warm colours. And the key step to make your eye shadow looks good is to blend it all out together with a blending brush.

And don’t forget your mascara and eyeliner ladies! These two tools are actually playing an important role to make sure your eyes look bigger and brighter. To make your eyes pop even more, use light/white color eye liner on your lower lash line.


And lastly, pick soft tones of lipsticks. You may try pink matte, beige or light peach for the flawless natural look! Good luck!!



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