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Catrice Cosmetics: Small haul and review

Hello Babushka

Catrice is an European brand. Germany to be exact but all the products were made in several different countries.

In case you didn’t know, Catrice Cosmetics has entered Malaysia’s market since early 2015. You can find Catrice Cosmetics at almost every Guardian outlets in Malaysia. I’m pretty excited about them because their prices are really affordable and this brand really reminds me of Essence Cosmetics. They offers wide range of beauty products like nail polishes, makeup and beauty tools. I nearly went crazy when I looked at all the products on the shelf because they’re damn inexpensive. Since I never own anything from Catrice, I decided just to pick a few and see whether I like it or not.

  1. Catrice Eyeliner Pen #Black ( RM15.21 )

Catrice Eyeliner Pen

I bought 4 products from Catrice and I have to say hands down this eyeliner is the winner. I always on the lookout for good eyeliner from high end to drugstore because I haven’t found one that can really impressed me. Some eyeliner can be too watery, some can be hard to control and this eyeliner has made my eyeliner application way easier. I don’t what makes it so good but I think it must be the felt tip and the length is just perfect.



The formulation is fabulous; it’s waterproof, does not smudge and the pigmentation is to die for. I never liked wearing eyeliner because I suck at it but with this Catrice eyeliner pen, I always look forward to do a wing liner.

  1. Catrice Color Correcting Mattifying Powder #010 Delicate Blossom (RM22.41)

Catrice Color Correcting Mattifying Powder #010 Delicate Blossom


I was attracted to this powder because of how it looks. The powder is so beautiful and mesmerizing with the mix of colors. Just look at it. Even though it comes in clear plastic container, I still think it’s chic and it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s quite sturdy actually.

As the name suggests, this powder can be used to correct and even out any discoloration on your face and it also claims that it can mattify your complexion. I’m sold instantly because who doesn’t love a multi tasker huh?

The texture is silky and when I swatched it I can see that it will give a slight tint when applied and it also has slight shimmer in it which can be a problem to some people. In my opinion, I think it does a pretty good job evening out any discoloration on my face but I don’t think it helps to control reducing excess oil on my face. I still ended up with oily face at the end of the day even though I used mattifying foundation.

  1. Defining Blush (RM17.01)

First and foremost, I like the packaging because it’s sleek and feels good at the same time. The blush has very good pigmentation so remember to apply with light hand; it also applies smoothly because of its buttery texture and super easy to blend out. It’s also pretty long lasting, maybe 7-8 hours?

#030 Love & Peach

Catrice Defining Blush #030 Love & Peach

The color of this blush is peach orange with slightly pink undertone and it has matte finish. So, this blush should be good for most women with warm and neutral skin tones. Since it’s matte, you don’t have to worry about it accentuating any indentations you have on your face. Love it!

#020 Rose Royce

Catrice Defining Blush #020 Rose Royce

When you look at the blush, you’ll see that it has tiny speck of shimmer in it but you don’t have to worry about it at all because when applied it comes off quite matte. The color of this blush is neutral rosy dusty pink if you know what I mean. This shade is suitable for women who has fair to medium skin tones. It won’t give you very apparent blush looks but it’s subtle and it will give you a healthy flush. Dreamy right?



Overall, I love all the Catrice products that I bought. All of the products really impressed me in many ways. Even though all the products are dirt-cheap but the quality is very good. I will probably come back and get more products.

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