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Where to buy Clarisonic Aria in Malaysia?



Ello ello friends.

I think this is going to be a long post because I think I have a lot to say. When it comes to beauty, I can spend all day researching and reading reviews. You know when the feeling when you want to invest in a certain beauty products, you need to know whether it can really work or not. Especially when the price is not cheap. This is where I finally decided to buy a Clarisonic Aria for myself.

My skin condition

I’ve been battling with pimples since my early 20’s. Sometimes it really does affect my self-esteem. I’m constantly worried about my skin. It’s not fun and it really stressed me out. I’m still battling with mild pimples but after nearly 2 months of using Clarisonic Aria, I can say that I can see positive improvement. Pimples usually are the results of clog pores when you do not clean you face correctly. I have oily skin so that makes me prone to pimples. I have read various articles that this clogged pores can be effectively unclog by using a device called Clarisonic. Some people really swears by it. This device is a beauty staple for mostly all beauty gurus on youtube.


Where to buy?

Simply put, this device can clean your face way better than using your hand. Isn’t that great? The downside is of course the price. It can cost nearly RM700 in Malaysia. You can buy it at Sephora for a jaw dropping RM690. Who can afford it? Yeah plenty of people can afford it by that price but I can’t. That’s my saving man. So while searching for a cheaper option, I stumbled upon a shop at that sells this device way cheaper than Sephora do and they claimed that it’s authentic. Can I trust them? Can I? Apparently, I’m sold by all their guarantees and I bought one for myself. The price I paid is RM270.

The authenticity 

When I received my Clarisonic, I was excited and worried at the same time. Did I get the real deal or was it a fake? Before I made the buy, I already did my research and I knew what to look for if it’s not authentic. To my surprise, it is really authentic.

Authentic: One thing to look for is the embossed Clarisonic wordings.
Look at the arrow, if it’s a fake the colour of the gold screw will be just regular silvery colour. It shouldn’t get rusted even after contact with water.
Authentic: The space between the c-l-a is the same.

I’m only pointing few features that you can look for in a fake Clarisonic. You can also check the registration number between the box it comes with and the unit. It should be the same.

How do I use it?

This post is already long and I better save all my rants on how I use it for future post. Hopefully you find this post useful and you can buy your Clarisonic from the lelong seller I mentioned above but buy at your own risk. I’m not gonna be responsible for anything.

Where to buy: Trusted Lelong seller

Price: RM270

Thank you for reading. See you next time.


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