2015 Resolutions



Hello earthlings.

I was thinking that I should start with a post about myself but then since January has gone by so fast and before December comes, 2015 resolutions must be the best choice. It’s a new year. Good-bye 2014. It was not a good year for me but hey that’s life. Move on and embrace the future.

It’s going to be a long list. So here are my 2015 resolutions:

1) Be productive

I’m a lazy bum. I believe I have a lot of time but I wasted it all away with sleeping and I don’t what else I did. I’ve been married for nearly 5 years and a child is not in the picture yet. Not that I’m planning it’s just that it’s not my time yet to be a mother.  That means I have all the time in the world for myself. Duh.. I should’ve accomplished more.

2) Start a youtube channel

I’ve been watching youtube since I was a teenager. I learned a lot of things there. How to apply makeup, how to apply makeup and hmmm how to apply makeup. Haha. That’s what I learned there. There must be thousands of video that I’ve watched. All of the youtubers have inspired me to start my own youtube channel but I consider myself as a shy and an awkward woman. Can I do it? Will people watch me and listen to me? You will not know unless you try huh? So girl, just do it!

3) Cook

I love cooking, I just hate doing the dishes. I hate preparing all the raw stuffs for cooking. So, I guess I just have to un-hate those things and cook.

4) Drink more water

Do I need to explain this? No. Everybody knows water is beneficial for us and we should drink more water.

5) Be organised

I believe there a lot of books have been written about how by being organised you can increase your productivity. I agree with that. It just simplifies your life tremendously. But sometimes it is much easier to just clutter things and be gone right? It is much easier to just memorise things rather than writing it in a planner right? Those things I did, it just messed up with my head I became stressful. So, be organised is a good idea for a messed up mind like me.

6) Spent responsibly and wisely

Well, this has been my resolution since I knew what money is. Women love things. It’s in their nature. I LOVEEEEE things. Where does all the things come from? Yeah money. Whose money? Yeah my spouse’s money and my money. Hard earned money. My husband and me worked for it. So, I believe I owe it to myself and my husband to spent it responsibly and wisely. Spent less on quantity but more on quality.

7) Read more books

Books will open your mind. Books will broaden your knowledge. Books can stimulate your mental. Books can reduce your stress. Books can improve your memory.  So, read more books and less time on Facebook.

8) Sleep early and wake up early

I’m a nocturnal creature. Sleep really late and wake up late. Not productive at all. It’s not easy to change your biological clock but I believe by making yourself really tired you can sleep easily. Maybe I should invest on those relaxing tea at iHerbs.

9) Be nice to everybody ( pretty self explanatory)

10) Get out of my comfort zone

When you are so comfortable with what you have, you will not try new things. I am not comfortable with what I have now. I want to achieve more. There were so many things that I wanted to do but I let it go because I was too afraid and lazy. People around me have accomplished so much more. I’m so motivated now.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope by the end of the year I can look back and smile because I have achieved all my resolutions. My hope is high and I believe I can do it.

Good bye Earthlings.



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