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Is Ipad Pro 2020 worth it?

Is Ipad Pro worth it? Is it really worth that much money? If you want to know that, keep on watching.


If this is your first time here, I’m sae. Hellloooo!! A little backstory,I have used my ipad pro for about 4 months to teach because I’m a teacher by day, to create content and also to manage my small business.

If you’re here to know about the specs of Ipad pro,I think you’re watching the wrong video but u’re more than welcome to stay. I’m here today to tell you whether I think Ipad pro is worth it for a teacher, a content creator and a small business owner.

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  1. As a teacher

Ok as a teacher, I need to plan lessons, I’m responsible to conduct lessons that I planned and I also need to evaluate , assess students. That are some of the main responsibilities of a teacher.

Right now because of Covid-19, I’m forced to work from home and that means I need to conduct everything from the comfort of my home.   

To plan the lesson, I obviously use Microsoft word and yeah that’s pretty basic but that’s how we do it in Malaysia. I know I can do all of that on any other tablets or computer right? 

Then to conduct the lesson, I recently discovered an app called Explain Everything that allows me to record my lesson and also because of the capability of the Apple pencil, 

I can actually write and show my students how to answer Mathematics questions. It’s basically like I’m sitting right next to my students, teaching them Maths.

And as for evaluating the progress of students, I’m still lacking here because I still do everything offline. I know there are apps out there that can help me track my students’ progress but I still haven’t found one that I can really integrate into my lesson.

If you are currently using education apps that have helped making your job as a teacher easier during this challenging time, let me know in the comment down below. I would love to know!

Ok, so as a teacher, I honestly think I could actually survive without this Ipad Pro, that I could actually do everything on my Macbook but… 

the ability to write seamlessly using Apple pencil and I think you know that Apple has improved the multitasking capabilities, and for me that pretty much seals the deal! I just love the ability to multitask!

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2. As a content creator

As for content creator, my workflow involves almost only my 12.9 inch Ipad pro. Except that when I need to use tubebuddy, I have to use my trusted Macbook Pro. Tubebuddy application on Ipad is pretty much useless!

I plan and research my videos using Notion and Goodnotes.

I used the ipad pro to control my camera when I’m filming video.

I then edit my video on my Ipad using Lumafusion. 

For me Lumafusion is such an amazing video editing tools, it has so much potential and tell you what, I have stopped using FCP completely!

Post editing – I used Canva on my ipad to edit thumbnails. 

I tried using Procreate to create animations for my videos but I just have to admit that my right side brain is not that advanced yet!

I used chrome to upload my videos but I need to go back to Macbook for editing metadata on Tubebuddy.

Well, I must admit that I used Ipad Pro for such basic things! But tell u what the experience of using the ipad pro is what makes it worth every RINGGIT MALAYSIA MY HUSBAND PAID!

3. As a small business owner

I own a really small shop on Shopee, if you want to support my business, I’ll leave the link the description box below.

So for my business, I manage it solely using my ipad pro. It doesn’t actually require too many applications, I used Notion, Chrome and Microsoft Excel. 

I reckon when my business is bigger, I will need to use more application. The ipad pro is just a handy machine to have around to conduct my business on the go.

Again, I know you can manage all of that without Ipad Pro. 

So up untill this moment, do you think Ipad Pro is worth it? For me, it’s a definite yes!

Let me tell you why Ipad pro is so worth it for me in every aspect of my life.

1)I like to write, journaling and that usually requires papers. But when I have the means to do all of that on my Ipad, I have significantly reduce the amount of papers that I use. Well, good news to mother earth right? I think that is a good enough reason to buy an Ipad pro. Or at least the apple pencil

2) I think because the price of this ipad pro is almost ridiculous to commoner like me, it has somehow encouraged me to be more productive. You know, so that I can get back all the money that my husband used to buy it! Rational thinking right?

3) I like seeing beautiful things and I think that applies to everyone right? For me, this Ipad Pro has best display quality. It also feels so smooth and fast! 

If you have questions about the ipad pro, just let me know in the comment down below.

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