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Carousell: A place to buy preloved items



Hello sunshine.

Let’s just get to business. You know the feeling when you really want to own something but the price really brings you down and you hope there’s somewhere you can buy it with cheaper price. Well, I found a place where you can do that. I’ve been addicted to it for months.


Carousell is a mobile application where you can buy preloved and brand new items. I’m not really eager about the brand new items because you find them at hundreds online shop out there. I really love the concept of selling preloved stuffs. Some of the item they sell there are preloved but it’s actually brand new. You know when you get unwanted gifts or you buy something online and you find that it doesn’t suits you. This is the place where you can find that kind of stuff. If you have lot of nice stuffs to let go, just become a seller here.


The application is really easy to navigate. When you open the apps, you can see there are few sections. For example there are For Her, Beauty Products, Lifestyle Gadgets, For Him, Muslimah Fashion and the list goes on.


For a makeup and beauty junkies like me, I really enjoy beauty products section. Items there are really to die for. There are people selling high end makeups like YSL, MAC, TARTE and Benefits at very affordable prices. If you don’t mind using preloved makeup, you are going to love this application. I got my original BeautyBlender there. Do you know how much I paid? Just RM60. It’s brand new. Oh you don’t want to buy used BB. It’s not hygienic.


There are countless items that are for sell there. You also can make ‘Looking For’ listing there. I can say this application reminds me of but it is much more addicting.

Few things to remember:

  • There are also seller that sells knock off cosmetics, just ask about the authenticity. If the seller does not response, then it’s most likely not authentic.
  • If you want to ask something, just ask in the comment section. DO NOT hit the ‘chat to buy’ button. Only do so if you’re really interested to buy.
  • COD is also available depending on the seller, but just be careful. There are reports about people got robbed.
  • Make sure you give good impressions because people can rate you. Don’t make an offer and disappear. That’s rude.
  • You can negotiate prices, but don’t make ridiculous offer.

Where to get this apps?

Apple store or Playstore.

Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy shopping.


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