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i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 by Sleek Makeup (review)

Hello Cherry,

It’s time for me to review another eye shadow palette. This time it’s going to be i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 by Sleek Makeup. If you’re into inexpensive makeup like me I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand before. Sleek Makeup has been around for nearly 20 years and it brings wide range of affordable makeups that have very good qualities. I purchased this palette at approximately 3 weeks ago. If you live around South East Asia, you can get your Sleek Makeup there.

Before I made the purchase, I’ve made my research and all the reviews were very positive. In the i-Divine range, they came out with 12 different eye shadow palettes and I decided to choose Ultra Mattes V2 because I was looking for an eye shadow palette that can be used as transition colors. And you know that matte colors are always the best to be used as a transition color. So, that’s why out of all 12, I picked this one.

i-Divine Ultra Mattes V2 by Sleek Makeup


Haha. By looking at the picture above, you can see how beat up mine is. That was after 3 weeks of heavy using. You just have to really take care of it if you don’t want yours to look like mine. Put that aside, I think the packaging is very simple and sleek. But I did have a problem when I’m trying to open the lid and it’s quite tight. It also has pretty decent mirror on the inside and you’ll also get clear paper that has name of each shadow on it. Oh it also comes with a double ended sponge applicator.



1 row
Swatches for the first row.

Orbit –  bright emerald teal that has very nice pigmentation. The texture is creamy.

Ink – navy blue kind of dark purple and the texture is a little bit dusty.

Highness – gorgeous bright purple but I don’t why it swatches kind of rosy. The texture is a bit powdery.

Noir – green black. The color is beautiful but the pigmentation is not that good.

Dune – light yellow peach and I’m so frustrated with the one because it lacks of pigmentation. The texture is very dry.

Pillow talk – is chalk white and I don’t have much to say about this because I don’t use it that much.

2 row
Swatches for the second row.

Thunder – very beautiful medium gray and the texture is powdery.

Maple –  orangey red with a very good pigmentation.

Flesh – warm flesh tone and my least favourite shade in this palette.

Paper bag – medium red brown.

Villan – burgundy with a lot of pink. Not really blend-able.

Fern – bright forest green and most likely my favourite shade in this palette even though it can be quite hard to blend.


My overall opinion:

One thing for sure is the bright and dark shades in this palette have better pigmentation than the lighter shades. All the bright dark shades are very beautiful and quite creamy. Some of the shades are harder to blend than the other. There are many looks that can be created using this palette but I think because some of the shades are not really that blend-able, you will need to practice to make it perfect. I had fun with this palette and I’m sure you will to.

Pros: Affordable, beautiful and fun shades, easy to travel with.

Cons: Lacks of pigmentation in some of the shades, some of the shades are hard to blend, packaging a little bit flimsy.

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It’s availability:

Price: RM53

Let me know if you have any other palette by Sleek that you like in the comment below.



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