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Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder 40 Mirage Filter

Hi Golden,

Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder

I’m a girl who likes to contour and it is mainly because I think I have quite an oblong face. In order to make it more flattering, I always find time to contour my face. I’ve been using Makeup Revolution Bronzer Bronze as a contour powder until it has already hit pan and I think it’s time for me to invest some money in a high-end contour/bronzer product. I’ve been eyeing Hoola by Benefit for quite some time but I never got myself to buy it because I think it’s quite pricey for the size. Couple of weeks ago when I went to Sephora, I decided to buy Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder when 1 of the SA suggested it to me. It comes in 3 different shades: #40 Mirage Filter, #20 Dream Filter and #60 Hi Fi Filter. I brought home the #40 Mirage Filter.

What I like about it?




I’m sold at the moment I saw it because it’s so big; as big as my palm and the packaging is so sleek. It also comes with a rather large mirror inside. It’s a contouring duo so I get 1 shade for highlight and 1 shade for contour. When I swatched it, I got overly excited because it’s so buttery, smooth and 100% matte. Deciding which one out of the three to get is not easy because all of them are beautiful and to my eyes I think I can rock all of them. Confident right? Anyway, I picked Mirage Filter based on the SA recommendation.



I’m Asian Malay with a medium olive skin tone. Mirage Filter is the lightest color out of all three and is described as light gold/light bronze with a cool undertone. I wasn’t aware of this when I first got it but it doesn’t seem like I have any problem with the shade except that I really need to layer it before I’m satisfied with the intensity.

I used the highlight shade to set my under eye concealer because the texture of the powder is so dreamy and finely milled. It brightens up the area wonderfully and the concealer won’t budge for nearly 8 hours. I don’t usually highlight my forehead because I have lots of bumpy whiteheads there and I’m afraid that highlight will make it more apparent. As for the contour shade, I think the shade is nearly similar to my skin tone hence I really have to build it up to make it more visible. The shade gives me really subtle and natural contour. I’m not too crazy about it but I’m quite satisfied. There’s nothing wrong with the product; I just need to work on my contour skill.


Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder is suitable for everyone especially if you’re a beginner like me. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with it because it’s subtle and you can build it up as you want. If you messed it up, you can just easily blend out the powder. Yeah it’s very beginner friendly.

What I’m not so crazy about?

Don’t take me wrong, the packaging is sleek and luxurious but by the looks of it, I think it is fragile. If I accidentally dropped it, I’m sure it’ll break into pieces. So, I really have to handle it with care.

The pan will be pretty messy after each application because of the texture of the powder. There will be flyaway everywhere but it’s nothing major; you can just clean it afterwards.

I hope you can make your decision after you read my review. If you have any question, please leave a comment down below. Also, let me know if you have any other contour duo that you like. Thank you.

Price: RM145

Buy at: Sephora




    • Sae Says

      Hi Fara… I don’t have the Too Faced contour cocoa but I do have Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte bronzing powder. Between those two, I can say confidently I like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte bronzing powder way better than Marc Jacob. I like the highlight shade in #instamarc but the contouring shade do need a lot of work and can be patchy at times. Hey, I’m acne prone too but I do not experience any breakouts with MJ palette. Hope this helps. ?

    • Sae Says

      Hi Fara.. Thank you for the explanation. I though you’re the same person. Yeah. Same here, I have to layer the medium shade to make it more apparent. I already bought Too Faced Choc Soleil matte bronzer, that bronzer is much more visible on my skin but it need a lot of blending or else, it will look patchy.. ?

      • Fara

        Was thinking of trying too faced’s contour palette, but still quite unsure. Have you seen the new Tarte’s contour palette? I ended up buying the 60 hi-fi filter, and it’s reaaaally pigmented if compared to the 40 mirage filter, and doesn’t need any layering, unless I want to scare people that is :p

  • Fara

    The medium shade, 40 mirage filter doesn’t show up that much on my skin either, and I’m medium (on the fairer side) skinned -_- Have to layer it up for me to actually see it, might be trying the Hi Fi filter soon

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