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Top 5 Must subscribed Youtube channels


Hi Bae.

Youtube is the place where I unwind after a long and stressful day at work. I have to tune in everyday because it’s like a therapy for me. I spent at least an hour everyday watching youtube. How much time do you spent on youtube everyday? I know an hour seems quite long for some people but for me it’s not. There’s so much to learn everyday. I love watching makeup tutorials because I’m trying to be good at it and youtube have everything I need. I also enjoy watching vlogs because I like watching how people at the other side of the world go about with their business . So, if you’re looking for youtube channels to subscribe, I may have few suggestions that you’re gonna love.



This channel is my all time favourite.  Judy uploads vlogs on a daily basis. There’s so much to love in her vlogs like her first born Julianna, her adorable twin babies and her fine husband who loves organic foods and cooking. How wonderful. She also do products review and makeup tutorial at her beauty channel called Itsjudsytime. It’s great to see Judy doing what she loves and provides for her family at the same time. She really inspires me.

Claire Marshall


I just discovered her channel last June 2014. Everybody loves Claire Marshall. Her styles are edgy, androgynous and rugged. Her editing is so fabulous, you feel like you’re watching MV. Oh, she also has a very cute cat named Bruce.

Kathleen Lights


She’s most definitely my favourite beauty guru, I love everything about her. Her eyeshadow tutorials are the best. Her products review are genuine and very helpful. This girl can go really far.



Bubz uploads vlogs every 2 days. She lives in Hong Kong with her silly husband and her cute son Isaac. She’s also mama to two beautiful doggies, Domo and Chubby. I enjoy watching her vlogs because there’s so much positivity in it. She’s very humble and funny.

Amy Macedo


Amy does a very good products review and makeup applications. Her dupe alert videos are also my favourites. She’s so classy and her tutorials are timeless.

Katerina Beauty Blog


Katerina is an Australian youtuber. Her channel is a recent discovery for me. I’m obsessed with her makeup tutorials and how gorgeous she is. Perfect!

I’ve been trying to update few times but it seems like I’m having mental block. I can’t even form a sentence. Work is really stressful, I wonder if there’s anyone really love their job. I know everybody’s job is stressful but I wonder if you’re doing something that you’re passionate about will things be different? I envy people who have their passions as their jobs.

Thank you for reading. Stay tune for more. Thank you.



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