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Mini Review : Touch Beauty Lighted LED Mirror

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Touch Beauty LED Lighted Mirror


As the title suggests, this is a mini review so that means this post is going to be short yet informative at the same time.

Earlier this month, I was looking for a vanity mirror that comes with LED lights. You know the kind that you’ll use when applying makeup. I think it’s important for me to have that kind of mirror because the lighting inside the room where I apply my makeup is a little yellow and very dimmed. That’s one of a few mistakes you should refrain yourself from doing because that can cause disaster. What I mean by disaster here is when you go out in natural light you makeup might not look natural, as you want it to be.



I am always on the look out for that kind of mirror but sadly most of mirrors that I found could cost hundreds and I have to buy them from outside of Malaysia. Bummer! So, I found one that’s within my budget at Lazada. When I received the lighted mirror I was a bit disappointed with the size. It’s so small; I can hold it within my palm. Well, you get what you pay for.

I told you. It is small but size doesn’t matter.
It operates using 3 AA batteries.

Like I said the size is small but now that I have used it for about 2 weeks; I came to realise the rational why it’s built like that. It’s so small I can easily hold it in my hand when I’m putting on my eyeliner, mascara and pretty much everything. Furthermore, my vanity is very decent (really small) and this mirror does not take a lot of space.

This lighted mirror by Touch Beauty comes with LED lights along the side, which is the main reason why I bought it. I believe this LED lights can mimic natural lights and it can provides me with clarity as to how much I should apply all my makeup products. This is to ensure that I don’t go overboard because that’s the last thing I want.

This lighted mirror has two sides and you can turn it 360°. One of the sides has 5 times magnification hence you can do a close up. I use that feature to pluck unwanted eyebrow hair that can be pretty hard to notice if there’s no magnification. Isn’t that great?

Verdict: I love it. Now that I have it I don’t know how to do my makeup without it. It’s suitable for anybody who need lighted mirror but don’t have enough budget to buy the bigger and more expensive version.

Where to buy: Lazada

Price: RM45

Thank you for reading.


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