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Product review: Toni&Guy Protein Protection Mist

Hello precious

This is my second time trying to write this post because I can’t the first one anywhere. I typed all my posts on Microsoft Words and for some reasons its not being saved. If you’ve been through this you know how it feels and it’s not fun at all because I’m pretty sure it was my mistake. I should’ve been more careful next time.

So, let’s jump to business babes. I hate bad hair day and I’m sure you do too. It can ruin my mood and trumps my confidence. That’s why I need to straighten it every day because that’s the only way to tame those wild hairs even though I know using heat styling tool can cause damage to my hair. If you’re familiar with heat styling tools you know that you have to protect your hair from the heat. That’s when the heat protectant products come. Girl, you really need the heat protectant because you don’t want to fry your hair. That sounds intimidating right?

I have been through 6 heat protectant products, if I remember it right. I really like Tresemme Heat Tamer spray but you can’t find it in Malaysia. Well, that’s not news. When my husband’s friend went to US, I made an attempt to get one for me but the Ebay seller sent the wrong Tresemme product and when I found out it was already too late. Lucky me huh? So, I’m stuck with whatever I have in Malaysia and if you live in Malaysia you know the choices are very limited.

Toni&Guy Protein Protection Mist

Last month I bought Toni&Guy Protein Protection Mist from The shopping experience I had with was pleasant and smooth. I really like the way my order came in. It came in a pretty pink box. I’m a sucker for boxes and I’m already planning for my next order. Good job Hishop! Hihi.


Positive points: The spray does make application really easy. I just spritz it all over my hair after I took my shower. I don’t have to worry about my hand touching my hair because I want to make sure my hands are really clean before I do my makeup. After I spritzed the product, I section my hair and hot iron it. When I’m doing my hair, I do feel like there’s definitely protective layers between my hair and the hot iron. That’s good because the heat from the iron do not come in contact with my hair directly. Another thing to point out is the mist also can be used a leave in conditioner but I haven’t tried it like that for a reason that I’m going to explain in the next paragraph.



Negative points: Even though I think the mist did a really good job protecting my hair from heat styling tools but I just can’t stand the smell. At first the smell doesn’t really bother me but after few usage I just can’t stand it. I don’t know why. It smells dirty and metallic. Does that make any sense to you? That’s why I can’t use it as a leave in conditioner. How am I going to go about my life if I’m not comfortable with how I smell? Another thing that I don’t like about Toni&Guy Protein Protection Mist is that after I’m done straightening my hair I realize there’s sticky residue on my hair straightener. I practically have to scrap it all off from my hair straightener before my next use. That’s a lot of job.

Verdict: This is just my opinion on the mist. You may like the smell because how it smells is very subjective. As for me, I really like that it’s protecting my hair but I just can’t stand how it smells. I don’t have any other heat protectant products in my drawer right now. So, I just have to use what I have until I can find something that can really work for me.

Where to buy: ( The item is currently out of stock)

Price: Rm25.38

Thank you for reading.


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  • Joanne

    I just love the protein protection mist. And I love the scent – that is one of the reasons I am looking to buy it again. I am from Canada and cannot find where I can buy it in Ontario, Canada.

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