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I went to Sephora #1

Hello Spring,

Bare Minerals Matte foundation, Marc Jacobs Instamarc Light Filtering Contour powder and Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head replacement

I went to Sephora yesterday and this is what I bought. Haha. How’s that for an introduction? Seriously, I don’t think this kind of post needs lengthy introduction. Starting from today, I will have this “I went to Sephora” post every time I visit Sephora.

1. Marc Jacob Light Contour Filtering powder ( RM145 )

I got mine in 40 Mirage Filter
It comes off a little bit yellow on picture but it isn’t.

By just looking at the picture, you wouldn’t know how big this thing is. It is as big as my palm. And I have a pretty large palm for a very petite woman. I just used it once today and so far I’m obsessed with it. I’ll just save every good detail about it on the review later.

2. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation ( RM 120 )



batch_IMG_1450This is my first time trying anything by Bare Minerals and the price tag is not that ridiculous. I’m super stoked to see how my sensitive skin will react to this foundation because you know what people say about minerals foundation. It’s really great for sensitive skin.

3. Clarisonic Radiance Brush Head Replacement ( RM99 )

batch_IMG_1448I just used it once yesterday and I don’t know why it got pretty dirty so quick. I used the sensitive brush head before and I find that it’s quite harsh on my face. That’s why I opted to have this radiance brush head.

Thank you so much for your time. Let me know in the comment down below, what you just purchased at Sephora and do you like it?

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