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Product review: StyleMaster Pro 15 pieces Makeup Brushes

Hello Lola.

brush collection
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What do you think of makeup brushes collection above? You must be drooling because I know I am. It’s like a dream for every woman to have a collection like that but we can’t have everything that we wanted right? We have to adjust things according to our limitations. That’s why when I can’t afford to buy expensive makeup brushes like MAC, Bobbi Brown and etc. I opted for much more affordable makeup brushes like Style Master brushes and Real Technique brushes. In the US, they have inexpensive, good qualities makeup brushes like Morphe Brushes, Real Techniques Brushes, BH Cosmetics Brushes or Sonia Kashuk Brushes but in Malaysia, we really don’t have that much choice. Even though RT brushes can be considered as drugstore products in term of price range but those brushes can cost around RM100++ per set in Malaysia. So, growing my own collection of makeup brushes can be quite hard.

So, in this post I will be reviewing Style Master Pro 15 pieces Makeup Brushes in case you’re looking for an affordable makeup brushes. Just keep in mind that for now I don’t own any high-end makeup brushes so I can’t make any comparisons with that kind of brushes. But what I can do is, I can give you some insights on whether it’s decent enough to be your start up makeup brushes or to be in your makeup brushes collection.


If you buy this collection, you will get 5 large face brushes and the other ten will be small brushes for face and lips. Before I start going into details on individual brushes, let me just talk about overall qualities of the collection. The qualities of brushes in this collection are pretty decent. The bristles are so soft and I think it’s made of synthetic hair and two of the eye blending brushes are made of wool . I have washed them quite number of time and I don’t think it sheds or anything. One thing that I realised after I used them for quite some time is with larger brush like the face brush the handle is not super sturdy. When I use it to apply powder, I will hear subtle squeaky sound from the handle. It is a very minor setback and I don’t mind it.

1. Large powder brush: Brush length is about:17.5cm     Tip length is about: 4.5cm

Style Master large powder brush

This is my favourite brush in this collection. This brush is the best for applying powder all over my face. The bristles are so soft and it is not too dense. Yeah I know that usually we look for makeup brush that is dense but in my opinion for powder brush it is also good to have something less dense so it will not pick up too much products. This brush will pick up just good amount of powder and I will not end up with cakey face.

2.Tapered Face brush: Brush length is about:19.5cm     Tip length is about: 4.8cm

Style Master Tapered Face brush. I’m sorry this brush is a bit dirty.

This is another favourite. Haha, don’t blame me. It is really good for blush application and face contour. It will deposited subtle amount of product on my face and that makes blending super easy. The tapered tip is so helpful because it fits nicely on hollow of my cheek and it doesn’t leave any harsh line after application.

3. Powder Blush Brush: Brushes length is about:18.5cm     Tip length is about: 3.8cm

Style Master Powder Blush Brush

Ok, this is my least favourite. By the name of it, you know this can be used for blush application but I don’t think it will not give you the most appealing look. This brush really didn’t work for me. I tried it for contouring but it did not deposited enough products on my face.

4. Duo Fibre Powder Blush Brush: Brush length is about:18.5cm     Tip length is about: 3.9cm

batch_batch_IMG_3307-sideI never like duo fibre brush, I don’t why. Maybe because I haven’t found one that can really impress me. This brush also does not work for me. Maybe I should try it for blending my bronzer.

5. Tapered Highlighter Brush: Brushes length about:17.5cm     Tip length about: 3.5cm

batch_batch_IMG_3299-sideHaha. The handle is super dirty because I use it daily. This tapered highlighter brush is best for contouring my nose and for highlight all over my face.

6.Large Fluff:  Brushes length about:15.8cm     Tip length about: 1.7cm

batch_batch_IMG_3309-sideThis brush features a dense squared head with slightly round edges. It’s perfect for application of eyeshadow all over the lid and for highlight application on highest point of my cheek.

7. Large Concealer Brush: Brushes length about:16.5cm     Tip length about: 2.6cm

batch_batch_IMG_3317-sideOh my. This brush is so soft you will not believe it. As the name suggests, it is for concealer application. I’m not a big fan of concealer, not because I have perfect skin but because almost all concealer I have tend to get cakey on me.

8. Tapered Blending Brush: Brushes length about:17.5cm     Tip length about: 2cm

batch_batch_IMG_3313-sideThis brush is one of the reason why I bought this collection by Stylemaster. You know how hard it is to find this kind of blending brush in drugstore. It’s almost non existent. This brush looks tapered at the tip thus it  is designed to deposit eyeshadow into the socket of eye’s crease. It’s also good for putting darker shadow in the outer corner of the eye. Love it!

9. Blending Brush: Brushes length about:18cm     Tip length about: 1.8cm

batch_batch_IMG_3311-sideDoes this brush looks kinda tapered to you? I’m not sure whether I mixed up the name between this brush and the brush above. I’m sorry if I did. This brush is really good for blending transition color around the crease and blending eyeshadow all over.

10. Concealer Brush: Brushes length about:18.3cm     Tip length about: 1.5cm

batch_batch_IMG_3319-sideI’m sure all of you are familiar with this kind of brush. Concealer! It does the job and I really have nothing to say.

11. Short Shader Brush: Brushes length about:17cm     Tip length about: 1.3cmbatch_batch_IMG_3316-sideThis is one of the brush that I don’t understand. I thought maybe it’s good for contouring my nose but the products just go everywhere. I tried it to set my under eye concealer but nah.. didn’t work also.

12. Small Tapered Brush: Brushes length about:17.6cm     Tip length about: 1.6cm

batch_batch_IMG_3327-sideIs it tapered to you? I’m not sure because there’s no name on the handle. I really wished all these brushes have a name on the handle because it will make my life easier. I can’t find any use for this brush for now but I’m going to keep it.

13. Flat Definer Brush: Brushes length about:16.7cm     Tip length about: 1.0cm

batch_batch_IMG_3321-sideThis brush is hella good for depositing eyeshadow on the lower lash line and also can be used as an eyeliner brush.

14. Small Eyeliner Brush: Brushes length about:15.8cm     Tip length about: 0.8cm

batch_batch_IMG_3325-sideAt first when I looked at this brush, I didn’t think that I will like it. But one time when I’m so desperate to use my gel liner and I don’t have any other brushes I picked up this one and man it totally changed my mind. It’s slanted a little bit if you can see, it makes eyeliner application so much easier.

15. Lip Brush: Brushes length     Tip length about:

batch_batch_IMG_3323-sideThis one also I haven’t had the pleasure to use it yet. I guess I just like to apply lipstick the old fashion way. Just slide it all over my lip.

Overall experience: For the price, I think this collection by Stylemaster is a must have in everyone’s collection. It’s so inexpensive and you get quite number of good brushes. The face brushes are to die for. But of course when you buy a collection of 15 brushes, there will hits and misses, it’s inevitable. So, if you’re a beginner like me and looking for a good starter brush, I say go ahead. You won’t be disappointed.

Where to buy: Ebay, Lelong, Carousell

Price: RM78 (price will varies depends on seller)


  • najatmidi

    Hi there!
    Your review is excellent and extremely helpful.. I’ve been browsing around for a good powder brush, and I’m also a beginner so it’s kind of a challenge for me to find a good one. anyway, glad i stumbled onto your blog! keep up with the great reviews! 😀

    • Sae Says

      Hi there.. ?
      You have no idea how much your comment made my day. It really motivates me to continue writing reviews. I’m glad that you find my review helpful and I’m so honoured you took the time to write a comment. Besides this blog, I also do video reviews on my youtube channel. You can check them out if want to. Thank you….. ?

    • Sae Says

      Hi.. I know a shop called Lash Bar that sells very good quality and affordable brushes. They have outlets at Sunway Pyramid, Sg Wang and Midvalley. This is the Sunway Pyramid address Lot F1.AV.58, Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, 1st Floor. Other than Lash Bar, I’m not really sure where else you can buy good quality brushes. Hope this help. ?

  • negar

    im so much thankfull you replayed my comment kindly. actually in our country we dont have accesebility to any cheap brushes, i taught i can discover some affordable and good qualaity ones in my trip to kl. they sell mind shocking stuff in malaysian online stores but i wasnt pretty sure any real stores offers them! 😀 i wish they do 🙁 any way thanks again darling

    • Sae Says

      Hi… May I know from which country you’re from? Yeah, in Malaysia, online seller has step up their game and brings a lot good stuff. Actually, if you’re in Malaysia long enough, you can buy from online store. Just give ur hotel address and ask the seller to ship it to ur hotel. I’m so happy I can be of help. Anyway, enjoy ur time in Malaysia. Try our food and take care.

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