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Saesays first youtube video

Hello Bitsy.


Youtube is like an addiction to me. I can spend hours there just to forget about my hard day at work. In my 2015 resolutions’ post, I mentioned that I wanted to start my own Youtube channel. I’m not that good at makeup but I really love playing with makeup. When I was thinking about starting my own Youtube channel I know what kind of videos I’m going to do. Of course beauty related videos. I know that there are thousands of girls out there that can do makeup better than me but I believe there’s a place for me there. I believe I can do it.

Let me just start with few obstacles that I faced before I can come out with my first video. First, my Canon S110 camera suddenly went kaput after my husband tried to connect it with my Macbook Pro. That was exactly after I got my MBP as a gift from my dear husband. One of the reasons why he gave me MBP is because he wants me to have decent laptop to work on my Youtube channel. Before I got my MBP I’ve been using my ACER laptop for 6-7 years. I’m loyal that way. After my S110 went kaput, I have to send it for repair and I have wasted nearly 2 months there. After I got it back the wifi did not work and I have to send it back again for another repair. Fuh..

After that problem is solved, I proceed to the next step, which is record the video. It is a big deal for me because I think I have very low self-esteem. At first I was a bit awkward and I still am but I really enjoyed the process. Finding a decent spot to film the video was quite hard because my house is not like a dream house. Lastly I chose the space near the window because the sunlight is going to be my source of light. After recording is done, I proceed to editing the video. I already watched 5 hours of tutorial on how to edit using FCPX and it took me about 2 days to finish. Man, I really love the whole process.

While recording the tutorial, I tried to show all the products that I used but the camera won’t focus so I ended up not putting it in my video. I also have difficulties with lighting because it kept changing. Like I said I use natural lighting so I can’t do much about it. When I have some extra money, I’m definitely going to invest some money in ring light.

Prior to the recording, I wanted to make sure my skin looks perfect and I have bought some products to clear some of my blemishes but no, all the products that I piled up on my face just make it worse. Waaa…. That’s why you can see clearly I have few breakouts on the video.

At last, after I overcame all of the setbacks I have come up with my first Youtube video. It’s not perfect but I’m determined to improve and so positive that I can make it work. Even though the process was quite lengthy but I find that I really love doing it. So, if you’re reading this please spend some time to watch it and I will appreciate any comments on how I can improve.

Software I used to edit : Final Cut Pro x

Thank you so much for reading.



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