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Review: W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Blooming

Hi guyssss…

My obsession with eye shadow palette

Eye shadow palette fixation is so common between us makeup junkie right? Don’t you dare to deny it! Haha. When I see a new makeup palette in the store or on YouTube videos, I get excited and if it’s worth it, I will try to save up money to get my hands on them. Usually, I will opt for eye shadow palette that has colors, which I don’t have in my collection yet.

W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette – Blooming

As always, all my makeup look pretty beat up because I really tried to use them before I can come up with honest reviews

W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Blooming is a very interesting palette in my opinion, whether you’ll like it or not, it’ll depends on your preferences.

Who is it for?

The reason why I’m not crazy in love with this palette is; I think the shades are not really suitable for my brown skin tone. What I meant by that is, I had difficulty to make the colors look vibrant on my eyes. Some of the colors are a little bit too nude to my liking. I reckon this palette will be a germ for people with lighter skin tone.

I find myself reached for this palette when I want to achieve a really natural look. If you’re someone who likes to have that “not really there eye makeup looks”, you’ll be head over heals with this palette. Almost all of my problems with this palette came from the matte shades. Their shimmery shades are quite decent and workable in my humble opinion.

The packaging

It also comes with a mirror.
All the names of the shades are on the back of the palette.

W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette comes in a sleek white plastic packaging. The size is really small hence the name Pocket Shadow. It’s going to a really suitable eye shadow palette to bring along whenever you travel. This palette also comes with a dual ended brush. One side is for the eyebrow and the other is made to distribute colors all over the lid. To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to try it yet because I always skeptical with a brush that came with a palette. What about you?

The colors

The name of all the shades in the palette are named based on flowers.

Descriptions of the shades from left to right.


Acacia a bright champagne shimmery shades that has a lot of glitters in it. This shade is suitable to be used as an inner corner highlight.

Cherry Blossom

It’s basically a pinkish rose gold color with tons of glitters. This is one of my favorites color in this palette because of its versatility. Cherry Blossom will look different from various angles.


Begonia is a plain pink shade. It’s a beautiful color to be used as one color eye look. This is my least favorite one because the texture is too chalky in my opinion.

Moss Rose

This color is a little bit confusing to me, I think if I have to describe it, I’ll say it’s a shimmery orangey + red shade. I hope it makes sense to you.

Kaffir Lilly

Kaffir Lilly looks hella red on the palette, but on the eyes it’ll come off as peachy pink with glitters. For me, it’s a really gorgeous color to open up the eyes.



It’s a matte muted orange. You’re going to love it as a transitional color if you don’t mind the chalky texture.


Freesia is a shimmery gold shade with yellow undertone. It’s a basic shade but looks pretty on the lids.

Mari Gold

It’s duo chrome gold with piles of glitters. On the lids, you almost can’t see the gold because of the glitters. It’s definitely not my cup of tea but on certain occasion (night out) I think it’s a cool shade to use.

Sun Flower

It’s a matte cool tone nude brown color. Sun Flower is the most workable matte shade in this palette.


Oh my, Pansy is my kind of shade. It’s a shimmery gold brown; absolutely gorgeous shade on the lid by itself.

The swatches



Final Verdict

I will be more generous with my stars if this palette has one black color. It’s pretty hard for me to darken my inner corner without a black. There a few times I brought this palette along with me when I travel but ended up regretting it because of the reason I said earlier.

W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette in Blooming is a very affordable palette and I’m sure you’ll love it if you can set aside the fact that it doesn’t have black color.

Availability: Yesstyle,  Althea,

Price: RM90











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