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J5 Create JVCU100 webcam review & comparison with Logitech C920 Webcam

Hello guys and assalamualaikum. It’s sae here. How are you guys doing and I hope you guys are doing ok. I’m fine btw. From the title of the video, you already know that I’m going to sort of do comparison of 2 webcams. The 1st webcam is the j5 create JVCU100 and the sought after webcam , the logitech C920 pro HD webcam. Just a disclaimer, I do not own the logitech webcam, I borrowed it from a friend. So that explains why i dont have it here with me today.

First, let’s compare the exterior or physical of both webcams. To be honest, to my eyes these webcams look almost identical. They’re both black and compact with a built in tripod mount at the base. Both have arms that will attach to the back of your monitor or the lid of your laptop. As for the USB cord, I think both have enough length to connect them to your machine.

Now, if you look closely, this Logitech webcam is flanked by 2 mics to capture stereo sound while j5 create has a high fidelity microphone. I don’t want to discuss a lot about mic because IMO if you’re trying to make a strong impression in a professional setup, you’re better off using external microphone.

Both webcams provide full HD 1080p video calling with wide angle lens. J5 create has a 80 degree horizontal field of view and the logitech has 70.42 degree horizontal field of view.

Now, the moment you guys are waiting for, let’s compare video quality of these webcams.

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The wide angle lens on logitech looks awesome and crisp but the problem that I had with wide angle lens on the j5 create webcam is that when used on Macbook, the video looks fine but when my husband use it on his Dell laptop, the objects behind him will look skewed and the wide angle is a lil bit too wide.

After testing out both webcams , I think they perform almost similar in low light condition. And let’s talk about the clarity and color accuracy of these webcams. I think the logitech webcam has stellar clarity and color accuracy while the J5 create has decent clarity and color accuracy.

Another problem my husband encountered when using the J5 create webcam is once plugged into his machine, the network connection will be temporarily disconnected.

I hope I’m not making the J5 create webcam sounds too bad because really it’s not that bad. It’s just that when compared with the best available webcam in the market, it has few flaws that need to be improved. I have nothing against j5 create, i own quite a few J5 create accessories and they have awesome qualities.

Now, the last thing I want to mention is, logitech has a software dedicated for webcam called logitech capture. For someone who likes to take control of everything, this logitech capture really suits my needs. I didn’t get much time to play with it because I had to return the webcam to the owner but one thing for sure is, it allows you to control your field of view, aspect ratio, adjust white balance, auto focus and etc.

Ok let’s wrap this up

Logitech C920 is one of the best if not the best webcam on the market. But it can be quite costly and during this pandemic Covid 19 the stock is really limited. It seems like everyone in the world is looking for a good webcam aside from face masks.

So, personally I think J5 create webcam is a great alternative to Logitech webcam. Overall performance is on par although it has few shortcomings. If you’re willing to compromise or looking for cheaper alternative but still retains good quality video , the J5 create webcam is the best bet. If this is the first attempt of j5 create into The webcam market then the only way they’re heading to is up.

I’ll see you guys next time.

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